French countryside, see the birds ‘very quickly’ disappear

d29ac3db9be4b8ee955e1f140282cdb2 - French countryside, see the birds ‘very quickly’ disappear

Dozens of bird species are seeing their numbers in France in particular are rapidly depleting, because the insects they eat disappear.

Two studies on Tuesday, linking the disappearance of the birds to the intense use of pesticides in the agricultural sector.

The number of some species, according to scientists have declined, including in the eurasian skylark.

‘In the French countryside disappearing birds with a dizzying speed, ” says the Centre national de la recherche scientifique and the Museum d’histoire naturelle , in a joint press release.

According to biologist Benoit Fontaine, that one of the studies involved, the situation is ‘catastrophic’. ‘Our countryside turns into a desert, ” he says.

The decrease is according to the scientist, linked to the use of pesticides in agriculture. The problem is not that the birds are poisoned, but that the insects on which they depend disappear.

“If the situation is not yet irreversible, all actors in the sector to work together to their way of working to change,” says Fontaine.

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