Frank Evenblij makes WK-version t-Shirt exchange

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The tv-program he said exchange of presenter Frank Evenblij is given a special world cup-version. In the new series of episodes, the stories of Bert van Marwijk and Pierre van Hooijdonk along, announces RTL.

Evenblij is not only ex-footballers on visit to talk about voetbalshirtjes that have been worn during world cup. The 39-year-old presenter along with Guus Meeuwis, Peter Heerschop and Simon Keizer. The latter tells in t-Shirt swap: the world cup stories of how he is on the shirt of goalkeeper Tim Krul from the quarterfinals of the 2014 world cup. In that contest, Curl, the national hero through two penalties from Costa Rica to stop. This placed the Netherlands in the semi-finals of the world championship.

It is the third series of the programme, that last year in september for the first time on the tube. The world cup edition of the Shirt Swap consists of six episodes and is from Monday april 2 to see at RTL 7.

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