Fortuna Sittard trust on the good outcome in case-Oliseh

9ca0d5ae1741bfcf271b1b89ae76c5c9 - Fortuna Sittard trust on the good outcome in case-Oliseh

Fortuna Sittard has high hopes that the arbitration case will win, which has been filed by Sunday Oliseh. The ex-trainer of the Limburg club wants his job back, and stepped therefore to the KNVB.

“This case is about mr. Oliseh wants to return in his role as a trainer. It has all the appearance of a return no longer belongs to the possibilities, so let the arbitration committee last night already hinting. That makes us cautiously positive”, said president Isitan Gün Fortuna Sittard.

“The allegations that Oliseh and his councillor on the table laid, we were able to with convincing evidence to rebut. Also, they are not with any evidence that their views strength to be able to convert. It has remained in words, without any underlying document.”

Oliseh gave Fortuna Sittard at the end of december with the winning of the second periodetitel the first top prize in 23 years time, that equal a ticket for the play-offs for promotion to the Premier league was secured.

After the winter break came, however, soon the scratch in it and was no less than four times in a row lost against successively FC Dordrecht (3-0), FC Emmen (1-2), FC Volendam (2-0) and Young AZ (2-0).


Oliseh let then know his selection is much too narrow to find and collided with the board, which in mid-February, his dismissal led for “repeatedly culpable act by the coach towards multiple people in the organization.”

Oliseh then did many eyebrow frown by saying that Fortuna Sittard was engaging in illegal activities.

He wanted to at the time not to elaborate on this, but gave in the arbitration case to know that the players in september after the away game against FC Emmen (0-0) in the dressing room envelopes with black money have received, and that he himself was offered to black paid to get.

Oliseh and Fortuna Sittard came during the over five hour session, not to a compromise, which the arbitration court about a month ruling in the case.

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