Facebookbaas Zuckerberg speaks personnel

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MENLO PARK – Facebooktopman Mark Zuckerberg speaks Friday for the first time, his personnel, since this week controversy arose over the leaked user data. This, together with the operational responsible person Sheryl Sandberg is also expected to be in on questions about the issue.

Mark Zuckerberg

It is an internal live video link for all the staff worldwide, a common way for Zuckerberg to his staff to talk to. Employees walk according to sources with a lot of questions around.

“Mark, Sheryl, and their teams are working non-stop to all the facts in a row and the necessary steps to take”, said a Facebookvertegenwoordiger earlier. “The entire company is angry, and we feel misled.”

Facebook likes Cambridge Analytica responsible. That data-analyst firm would, by devious means, through a friends company, the personal information of tens of millions of facebook users in the hands, to use for the campaign of Donald Trump.

There was an app developed with users meelas on Facebook, supposedly for scientific research. In fact, not only the data of the users of the app transferred, but also data about their facebook friends.

Spies and bribery

The bomb around the databedrijf burst thanks to a documentary by Channel 4 News. Therein scooped, ceo Alexander Nix together with other bobo’s on about the influence of hundreds of elections, in countries such as Argentina, Nigeria and the Czech republic. It would be ex-spies to be used as prostitutes. Also, there would be bribery in the game.

Since the rel is Facebook has come under heavy fire, because nothing could have been done when the company learned how Cambridge Analytica the data was captured. Mark Zuckerberg should be responsible in the European Parliament and of the shares of the company had plummeted on the stock exchange.

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