Facebookbaas Zuckerberg promises a speedy recovery

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MENLO PARK – Facebook put steps to data on its platform to better protect against abuse. That the company reported in a statement. Ceo Mark Zuckerberg pulled the boetekleed and said that he is responsible for everything that has happened.

Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook came under fire by a scandal around Cambridge Analytica. That company played a role in the election campaign of president Donald Trump and would personal information of tens of millions of facebook users have used to kiezersprofielen.

The techbedrijf now says the private services are under the microscope. In doing so, all apps from Facebook were examined.

’Errors were made’

According to Zuckerberg has Facebook’s responsibility to protect data. “We do not earn, we do not to offer services,” says the ceo. He reported further that there already here and there improvements have been implemented, but also that the company had made mistakes which in the future prevent.

In the first instance, be apps examined that had access to large amounts of information. Developers who do not agree with the thorough check be banished from the platforms of Facebook. Further, access to data more difficult to other forms of abuse. Is an app, for example, three months is not used, then the access developers have to the user has been blocked.

Privacy policy more visible

Further, the privacy policies of Facebook are more visible in the news feed. It is for facebook users better visibility of which apps have access to certain data.

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