Facebook ‘geschandaliseerd’ about the use of data by Cambridge Analytica

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Socialenetwerksite Facebook to let you know ‘geschandaliseerd that the abused was ” Cambridge Analytica, data from users has used. The American company says, “the severity of the problem to understand it”. The prosecutors of New York and Massachusetts have launched an investigation into the scandal around Facebook, as it turns out on Tuesday.

Facebook says in a press release determined to be us policy to apply strictly to the private data to protect ” and ” all possible measures to ensure that the issue is not without effect’.

According to a spokesman ‘do the toplui of the company to all the facts to come to know, and to take the necessary measures because they are the severity of the problem understand’.

Facebook is under fire after The New York Times and The Guardian had a message that Cambridge Analytica, a company that for Donald Trumps campaign worked, had access to the personal data of tens of millions of users. That data would be unlawfully used in the election.

The British company denies all the allegations. Ceo Alexander Nix was Tuesday night suspended ” pending a full and independent investigation’.

‘Fundamental responsibility’

The prosecutors of New York and Massachusetts have now launched an investigation into the scandal. Previously was also already known that the Us please note that over FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and an investigation opened.

‘Consumers have the right to know how their data are used, and companies such as Facebook, carry the basic responsibility for the personal data of their users to protect, ” said New York attorney Eric Schneiderman in a press release. On Twitter added the attorney of Massachusetts, Maura Healey that ” we an answer to, and therefore an investigation started.”

On the other side of the ocean, the European and British privacywaakhonden also a research to Cambridge Analytica.

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