Dj The Flexican becomes a father

0265b0ca0124e3b6d35a209ab1df70a1 - Dj The Flexican becomes a father

The Dutch dj The Flexican, who is actually Thomás Goethals hot, father.

That made his friend Emanuelle Vos known on Instagram.

“For over five months, almost six – ago, a soul my body, to light, to manifest in matter. Now there is growing a beautiful and so special minimens in my belly and The Flexican and I was more than pleased about, fall in love with and curious about this mega adventure,” says Fox.

It is the first child for Fox, and Goethals.

The Flexican (34) is known in particular for his collaboration with rapper Sef, with whom he hip-hop formation Flinke Namen-founded.

The dj scored also the hit Watch Out for This (Bumaye) by Major Lazer and made a remix of Bound 2 by Kanye West, Picking Up The Pieces of Faith, and F*ck You All the Time by Jeremih.


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