Danish inventor calls again innocent ‘duikbootmoord’: ‘No erotic or perverse motive’

8ddd6687ffa4aacc2dba73bd880e6153 - Danish inventor calls again innocent ‘duikbootmoord’: ‘No erotic or perverse motive’

Peter Madsen, the Danish inventor who terechtstaat for the death of the Swedish journalist Kim Wall, when the resumption of his trial again innocently pleaded. He described how he her body into pieces cut. ‘It was horrific, ” said Madsen.

After a trial run in a self-made submarine last August, for example, a Swedish journalist Kim Wall. A little later washed ashore body parts of its in the bay near Copenhagen.


The trial against Madsen began on 8 march of this year. Madsen was in suspicion of murder, indecent treatment of a corpse, and the cutting of the body of the journalist. The public prosecutor has a lifelong imprisonment asked.

He pleaded on 8 march all innocent for the murder of the woman, but was her body in pieces to have cut. Wednesday, on the resumption of the process, asked the public prosecutor to the scientist, or his plea of the previous day of his trial wanted to adjust. Then the man replied again that he is “not guilty”.

Cut into pieces

The 47-year-old scientist held Wednesday, foot piece, and gave again that he Walls the body in pieces has cut, but denies still that he sexually abused or killed. He suggested that the woman in pieces cut, the only way was to get her out of the submarine to get. Why he her head afhakte, the man could not explain.

“It was a crazy situation,” said Madsen in the process. “I’ve used what I have on the boat could find her body in pieces to cut.’ The scientist showed, inter alia, a screwdriver, half a metre wide. The ‘edit’ of the corpse he did in the bathroom of the submarine. “But it’s so terrible that I really want to tell. I can only say that it was terrible.’

Nevertheless, the process still gave more details: heavy Madsen the limbs and the head of the Wall by tying on metal tubes with spanbandjes. ‘Who were then already on the boat, ” he said.

Knife wounds

‘There was no erotic or perverse motive,’ he said to the court that asked him for the knife wounds on her body, including her genitals. He had the wife, after her death, inserted to avoid that her body parts would come to the surface by gases in the decomposing body would form.

Madsen makes the process clear that his main concern his submarine was. “I didn’t want that there are traces left on the Nautilus.’ That would be the reason why he disposed of the body parts. Why he the underwear of the journalist, however, kept, wanted the prosecutor to know. The suggestion that he kept as a trophy, made Madsen very angry.

Terrible movies

The journalists present in the process also explain that there are terrible animated movies shown were on the laptop Madsen were found. It is to see how women in the throat is you’re. The scientist would look at that for he in August with Wall consulation. In one video you can even see someone’s head chopped off.

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