Commentator Fox News angrily: ’To propaganda degenerate’

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NEW YORK – One of the best-known faces of the American station Fox News, Ralph Peters, has resigned. He stepped in because, according to him, the station “has become a propaganda machine for a disastrous and ethically ruined government.”

The former colonel Peters, you can say not to honour his work as an analyst at Fox continue to do so. He was a figurehead of Fox, the channel that he saw as “a legitimate voice of conservatives.”

But in his devastating farewell letter is, according to The New York Times no more of that conservative vote. The 65-year-old Peters says long proud to have been, but now Fox News is deeply ashamed of.

Peters gets bright out to presenters “facts and demonstrable reality, completely ignore it to be completely unfair attacks on the FBI, justice, judges, intelligence services and the war hero and respected official, Robert Mueller.”

Mueller is appointed to specifically carry out research on possible bond in 2016 between the Russians and the campaigners of former presidential candidate Trump.

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