‘Camp-Oliseh comes with no evidence’

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Fortuna Sittard has high hopes that the arbitration case will win, which has been filed by Sunday Oliseh. The ex-trainer of the Limburg club wants his job back, and stepped therefore to the KNVB.

Sunday Oliseh during a training session of Fortuna Sittard.

“This case is about mr. Oliseh wants to return in his role as a trainer. It has all the appearance of a return no longer belongs to the possibilities, so let the arbitration committee last night already hinting. That makes us cautiously positive,” says Isitan Gün, president of Fortuna Sittard.

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“The allegations that Oliseh and his councillor on the table laid, we were able to with convincing evidence to rebut. Also, they are not with any evidence that their views strength to be able to convert. It has remained in words, without any underlying document.”

Harm after a good period of time

Oliseh gave Fortuna Sittard at the end of december a periodetitel. After the winter break continued good performance. Oliseh found the selection too narrow, and collided with the board. In mid-February, he was non-active due to “repeated culpable act by the coach towards multiple people in the organization.” Oliseh said on his turn that Fortuna was engaging in illegal activities.

The arbitration court about a month ruling in the case.

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