Bommenlegger Texas blows himself

49d397dd3abf460698e99301f33daf97 - Bommenlegger Texas blows himself

The man suspected of a series of bomb explosions in Texas, has self-inflated when the police approached.

The suspect, a 24-year-old white man, hid themselves in Round Rock, a village about 30 miles north of Austin. He would the past month, multiple bombs in residential areas have been laid. Two people are killed, and six others were injured.

The past hours have detectives to a suspect be able to identify and locate in a hotel next to the Interstate 35, said police chief Brian Manley at a press conference.

When the police reinforcement was waiting, drove the suspect away. The police followed him until he made along the way stopped. When members of the Swat team approached, allowed the defendant an explosive in his car to explode. The explosion threw a cop to the ground. The suspect came to.

His motive is still unclear, said Manley. It is also not yet clear whether he acted alone.

The first three bombs were in postpakketjes left at the door of people. A 39-year-old man and a 17-year-old boy were killed and a 75-year-old woman was severely injured. When the fourth bomb, on Sunday, sounded, it was possible struikeldraad used. The fifth bomb went off at the courier company FedEX.

The police were soon out of a ‘seriebommenlegger’.

The American president called the perpetrator a sick individual or perhaps individuals’. On Twitter he has in the meantime, the security services congratulations.

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