‘Black Panther’ breaks Twitterrecord

ff3deaa3f49e0153ab1122d475e4f2de - 'Black Panther' breaks Twitterrecord

No film is ever more tweeted than about ‘Black Panther’. With more than 35 million tweets strike the film “Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ of the social media throne. That report entertainmentmagazine NME.

The Disney-Marvel film doing it all since the release, on all levels, exceptionally well in the United States. Entertainmentmagazine Variety reported earlier this week that the action-sci-fi film from director Ryan Coogler during the past weekend again on the head of the North American box office for the fifth weekend in a row. ‘Black Panther’ is also just the seventh title in the history that the milestone of $ 600 million revenue to the North American box office reached. The film reached that milestone in addition, the fly: in just 31 days collected the 605,4 million dollars. Only one film knew the cap of $ 600 million proceeds faster to finish: “Star Wars: The Force Awakens’.

Although ‘Black Panther’ so just failed to deliver the speed record of ‘The Force Awakens’ at the box office beat, the movie now or any other record know to eat sweets. Never before has on the social networking websites Twitter so much about a film referred to as ‘Black Panther’. That has the film due in part to the announcement of Kendrick Lamars soundtrack (240.000 retweets), a viral video of a fan who is sitting on the shoulders of a friend to slide in the cinema (182.000 retweets), and a laudatory tweet from former first lady Michelle Obama (140.000 retweets).

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