Bauer places the responsibility with his fans!

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Following the release of his new album ‘Music’ is Bauer the next two weeks to Flanders. Media Market in Eke and Hasselt and FNAC Wijnegem create the best focus for a cosy moment with a lot of people…. Because where French is the party!! That also showed last weekend when the likeable Dutchman, a visit brought to music land in Makado Beek (NL) and more than 1,000 people showed up. A true surprise and rarely seen states. The number 1 singer of the Netherlands and Flanders had less than a half hour to have your picture taken with enthusiastic fans. He sang a number of songs from his new album, ‘sentimental song’ and the recent single ” Stay tonight, just for a moment with me’ was sung along loudly. “Stay tonight, just for a moment with me’ is the absolute number 1 of the moment in various charts in Flanders and the Netherlands.
French remains very sober and putting all the responsibility on his fans : “I stand at number 1 with new single, on 4 in the charts in Flanders and my new TV program pulled out last weekend, fewer than 1.3 million viewers. I can my dearest fans only, but be grateful that they have me as support! They are responsible for my success. I wear their hands, and that I want to show with a few appearances in the Media Markets and in the mall of Wijnegem”.
‘Sentimental songs’ contains 14 delightful songs and French will return back to his roots: the pure music. It is a CD filled with lively songs that are so taken from real life. ‘Music’ is an album that is 100% French Bauer radiates : warm, cozy, and close to the people.

23 march at 17: 00 | Media Market Eke, Savaanstraat 1, 9810 Nazareth
31 march at 14: 00 | Fnac Wijnegem Shopping Center Wijnegem
31 march at 16: 30 | Media Markt Hasselt, Sint-Jozefstraat 10, 3500 Hasselt

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