‘Bad girl’ Lindsay Lohan is face of advocatensite

cddf6042dc6bd289d11b370383bffbdb - 'Bad girl' Lindsay Lohan is face of advocatensite

The American advocatensite has Lindsay Lohan, hired as the face of their activities. That is exactly the actress was chosen, in the past, she went several times over the wrote – does Lohan itself make jokes in a promoclipje for the site.

“When they approached me I was confused and a bit scared, because I thought that I was in trouble had worked,” says Lohan about her association with the site. “The idea behind is people protect. Such as when you are arrested for driving under the influence. Let’s not pretend that that never happened. Or two or three times.” Lohan has effective all her might. In little more than ten years time, she was several times arrested for reckless driving, driving under the influence, theft, etc. The actress had an alcohol and drug problem, something she several times had to wean. The punches of Lohan made ahead for a bright idea, a kind of search engine where visitors can find an attorney can choose. Who now to the site, can the face of the former kindsterretje ever encounter.

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