Anouk: “I found it too flat’

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Anouk brings after the summer, her Dutch-language album. The album is called Wen r d but, announced the singer Wednesday in The Coen & Sander Show. The singer dropped the title track, previously heard in the television program De wereld Draait door. “I also found it a good title for the album,” said Anouk on Radio 538.

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The album is also the song of Spring that they Tuesday sang in the transmission time of the RTL Again. “I had my manager Kees de Koning asked if I was on the first day of spring in The World Running Through that song was allowed to sing, but couldn’t, because Ilse DeLange was there already. So, yes: I was annoyed of course. Then they said, ’ then Pick up the second day of spring’. Then I thought: ’no, then I think there is no slap more on.”

She began to sit and put her manager at work. “So I said to roy: ‘I don’t know how to get the controls, I just want somewhere to play this song on the first day of spring. If it’s on the news, or the weather. He found that an impossible action. But I know that he challenge and got him success desired. And then he still managed also. That’s crazy. I was already pleased that I have it around that time could do. It is fun to use again and again to find something of which you yourself are also excited again. And with a Keukenhof in the background, it was so wrong that it is simply great.”

Anouk initially had difficulty with the Dutch language sing. “I could not listen back to it. I found it to be too flat and too neat. I have hard and practiced. It was also just a challenge for myself. Something else just, I get too bored of everything. I have, of course, musically, pretty much done. I want to myself still a bit of a surprise.”

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