Also Playboy model don’t want to mention ‘affair with Trump’

71248a59e29eb3d9630e09c8a2be422f - Also Playboy model don't want to mention ‘affair with Trump’

After porno Stormy Daniels also wants the former Playboy model Karen McDougal no longer keep silent about her ‘relationship’ with Donald Trump. She also fights her zwijgcontract.

McDougal has the media company American Media Inc (AMI), led by a friend of Trump, sued.

According to the indictment, paid, AMI, with her $ 150,000 on the condition that they nothing about her relationship with Trump public would make. She wants that contract is now null and void to declare.

McDougal stated previously that they Trump met at a party in the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles in June 2006, and shortly afterwards an affair with him began. According to the indictment took that affair of ten months. Trump was married to Melania Trump.

Initially wanted the Playboy model, the rights of her story to sell for $ 150,000 to a newspaper. But that is so surrendered.

The story is reminiscent of that of porno Stormy Daniels. They got 130.000 dollar zwijggeld and now wants that zwijgcontract let break. She also says that she is a months-long sexual relationship with Trump has had.

A New York judge has now also ruled that the charge against Trump of Summer Zervos, a ex-candidates of Trumps realityprogramma, The Apprentice, is admissible. They accused him of blasphemy and unacceptable behaviour.

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