Actor Fred Savage indicted for abuse

4eac057cfaee37c0665c2a475c7ed576 - Actor Fred Savage indicted for abuse

Fred Savage stands for a lawsuit. The actor is being sued because he’s allegedly an employee of his tv show, The Grinder has attacked.

In addition, claims Youngjoo Hwang, that Savage condemns, that actor also a regular female crew members is troubling, and demands that they not make eye contact with him.

In the documents, which Wednesday filed in the court in Los Angeles, is a statement of the woman that Savage his eyes rolled and swear words uttered while they were at work.

Hwang is of the opinion that FOX is the actor in the protection has been taken and nothing has been done to the hostile work environment to improve. When the judge with a ruling, it is not yet known.

Savage is since 2004, married to Jennifer Lynn Stone, with whom he has children Oliver and Lily Aerin.


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