93 new names for Pukkelpop

dc1a8073c2112d6fe9817bb03c9b0939 - 93 new names for Pukkelpop

Pukkelpop has 93 new names published after N. E. R. D, an act which was previously announced for Pukkelpop, the almost complete poster of the festival was put online had. The names on the leaked poster were to be largely confirmed. In total, there are now 98 acts confirmed. On the leaked poster were names like Oscar And The Wolf, Bazart, Imagine Dragons, and Cigarettes After Sex. Those acts are indeed all to Kiewit. Imagine Dragons will meet on Saturday, August 18, Kendrick Lamar on the Main Stage. That day is also Bazart on the poster. On Friday 17 August, Oscar and the Wolf back to Pukkelpop. In addition to N. E. R. D. also comes Travis Scott to Kiewit.

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