White House displeased with ‘misplaced insults’ Abbas

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The White House is not to speak about the ‘total misplaced insults’ of the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas. Who called the American ambassador in Israel, David Friedman, Monday evening a ‘settler’ and the ‘son of a dog’.

Friedman, himself a jew, had in the past said that the illegal settlements in Palestinian territories are part of Israel, and sent earlier on Monday, another tweet in which he to the West Bank referred to as ‘the north’ of Israel.

“The time has come for president Abbas to choose between hateful rhetoric and concrete practical efforts to improve the quality of life of his people to improve and bring them to the peace and prosperity to lead,” said Jason Greenblatt, who within the White House, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict followed.


According to Greenblatt the United States, however, continue to work for peace in the region and the final touches on a plan to make that happen. The Palestinians have since the controversial decision by the US to Jerusalem to acknowledge as the capital of Israel already several times indicated that ” the Americans themselves will be disqualified, have to have as a mediator in the Middle East to act’.

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