VVV-hero: ‘Supertrots? No, for me this is normal’

083c74d8a7074b7272565af43e4f2648 - VVV-hero: 'Supertrots? No, for me this is normal'

VVV-striker Lennart Thy spoke Tuesday afternoon for the first time about the donation of his blood on a leukemiepatiënt last week Thursday in the hospital of Cologne. The German attacker was tired. “It is nice that everyone is so positive and that people suddenly wish to become donors.”

VVV-striker Lennart Thy.

Thy had not expected that he world would be known by his heroism. “No, for me it is normal to have a man to help. It is also not true that I supertrots feel,” said Thy, who, together with his trainer Maurice Steijn the Dutch and German press was talking to.

Steijn has decided to work with the other staff members also blood donor. Not on the advice of Thy. Thy: “I’m still not myself with people talked about. Everyone must decide for themselves.” By the action of Thy and now have more than twenty-thousand people signed up for blood are for the serious sick among us.

“Fantastic, it is just a small effort.” Thy returned Monday back at the TOURIST office and train provisionally separate. “I expect against FC Twente on april 1, again at am. At this moment I still feel weak. That is also normal if you have a week every day hormones you need to inject.”

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