Unique in Blind Married: Mike and Kathy are already together

e9883b7e34b0a2212581480cd61b1cae - Unique in Blind Married: Mike and Kathy are already together

It seemed like the perfect couple to be of Blind Married this season, but after a few weeks of living together was the farewell between Mike and Marjoram, but very chilly. There are now four couples in Blind Married.

It started out so nice for Mike and Kathy on their wedding day: the chemistry seemed to be clearly present and together with the mount was the whole of Flanders on a pink cloud. But the honeymoon was soon error and realized the disconnect, apparently, that they the experiment underestimated. Especially Marjoram was suddenly very unhappy with her new man. Expert Alexander Witpas gave the two some exercises to salvage the situation, but in the episode from Monday was the glimmer of hope in Mike’s completely wiped out.

After six days, separately for the work was his return is very, very cool greeted with the words: “are you there already?”. For Mike, it was clear “I had hope, but after two seconds, there was the hard reality. Such a receipt, that is not even how friends against each other.” When psychologist Alexander had the two “do not understand each other and communicate in a different way”. The conclusion was that the couple each in their own place, to live before the end of the experiment. Unseen in Blind Married.

Meanwhile, corpses Wendy and Damiano as friends still make the best of it, while also Sweet and Aljosja the doubts strike. Show and Three but also Esther and Tim seem to be the best cards in their hand to have to of Blind Married a success.

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