Turkey: “UN-report similar to the propaganda of terrorists’

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ANKARA/GENEVA – Turkey has in no uncertain terms denied that the country’s numerous human rights violations under the state of emergency, which president Tayyip Erdogan exclaimed after the failed coup in July 2016. According to the Turkish ministry of Foreign Affairs, a UN report filled with “unsubstantiated allegations which appear on the propaganda of terrorists.”

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan

The United Nations cried out in the report, Turkey’s state of emergency to end. The human rights violations include the arrest of 160,000 people and the dismissal of a similar number of officers, often on arbitrary grounds.

Erdogan issued decrees that led to torture of prisoners, impunity and interference with the judicial process, reports the UN agency for human rights.

Turkey must “immediately declare a state of emergency override and the normal functioning of the institutions and the rule of law to restore”, in a report.

According to the UN abused Turkey couppoging to opposition the head-in button. “The enormous number, the frequency and the lack of connection between the several decrees and what national threat, indicate the use of the state of emergency to any form of criticism of the government to impose silence.”

The High Commissioner for human Rights Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein is especially outraged over how it is spent with young mothers. “The Turkish authorities have about a hundred women who are pregnant or have just given birth were detained because their husbands suspicious. Some of them were jailed with their children and others were violent of them separate. That is simply excessive, extremely cruel, and can have nothing to do with the country more secure.”

The torture of prisoners constituted according to the report, sexual violence, shocks and waterboarding. People who lost their jobs were also on the street, because, according to the decrees officials dismissed within two weeks from their home had to be put.

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