Trump congratulates vladimir Putin with victory

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WASHINGTON – President Trump has to say that his Russian colleague Putin’s congratulations on his re-election. The two leaders want to about not a long time summit. Putin was Sunday by a large majority, was re-elected as president of Russia.

Trump and Putin during a previous encounter.

Trump and Putin have spoken by telephone about the possibility of the problems between Russia and the US out of the way to clean up and economic co-operation “to boot.” They agree that they must work together for stability in the world and to combat terrorism. The two would also talk about the limitation of the arms race and the issues of Ukraine and Syria.

Initially it was reported that Trump Putin not to congratulate, but that proved to be a misconception. Many foreign leaders have Putin already congratulated or go do that, as prime minister Rutte. “As diplomatic usual”, said a spokesman.


Trump, incidentally, did not intend the special investigator Robert Mueller to dismiss. This stressed the chairman of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan. “I have received assurances that his dismissal is not even being considered,” said Ryan without provide details.

Paul Ryan.

Mueller is investigating whether in the election campaign of 2016 by Trumps campaigners with Russians worked to make the campaign successful and whether there since around Trump actions have been taken to the judicial process to impede.

’Witch hunt’

Trump went last weekend again publicity rampage against the in his eyes, and partisan Mueller. That is “a witch hunt” began, while, according to Trump in the Mueller case of “a massive conflict of interest.”

Also in the own Republican ranks has Trumps failure to anxiety led. Leading Republicans have Trump called in to bind and Mueller to leave alone.

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