Toplui Cambridge Analytica filmed with a hidden camera: ‘We orkestreerden elections in Kenya’

Cambridge Analytica, Donald Trump with data from Facebook would have helped the American elections to win, offers his services today. This is evident from a undercoverreportage of the British television station Channel 4. The images tell the directors of the company, how they foreign elections manipulated.

Cambridge Analytica was not to her advantage when in 2016 through psychological profiling, a quarter of the electorate in the US with personal political messages influenced. Channel 4 did a person to the company for as a fixer for a wealthy customer that in Sri Lanka certain people in power wanted to help. The man took a hidden camera along to various meetings, and this revealed where the business is all capable of.

Said Mark Turnbull, director of the political department of the company, how the company up to two times, worked for Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta, who last year, after a tumultuous and violent elections, was re-elected (as of 9:05 minutes).

In the public has Cambridge Analytica always denied that it is behind the many ads and videos was that Kenyatta’s opponent Raila Odinga zwartmaakten and play on the fear of the population for disease epidemics and poverty. Behind closed doors was Turnbull, however, is much less modest about the performance of the company. “We orkestreerden the entire election. We took two times to 50,000 surveys, did a lot of research and analysis, sent messages, and so forth.”

Cambridge Analytica also offers to onkiese stories to get out about political opponents. “I know former employees of MI5 and MI6, who now work for private companies. If there are skeletons in the cupboard, they find that”, boasted Turnbull. ‘It is important to use that information to bring out, without anyone thinking that it is propaganda.’

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