Toddler Kiara drowns in gone car of parents

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CARDIGAN – The two-year-old Kiara is drowned in the car of her parents in Cardigan in Wales. The vehicle was a few hours earlier as stolen or lost, given up and was after a search by the police found in the river Teifi. It is not clear how the vehicle in the water.

The family released via social media a picture of Kiara to the outside.

The parents had the Mini with the child in the back seat even parked for an office to make money. When his back was to the car and sounded the alarm. They looked in the river next to the parking lot but saw nothing.

The child was taken to the hospital but there was the death found. Kiara would be next week Tuesday, three have become.

’Happy young girl’

Her parents describe her in a touching message on Facebook as ’a cheerful young girl. The parents can get assistance from specialists. “They had a life of adventure for himself. They had perhaps already done more than most children of her age. They made our family very happy,” said the father.

Under the Facebookbericht pay thousands of fellow countrymen their sympathy.

Noel Lewis, owner of a garage in the local area, knows the family well. “Kiara played here, always with her dog. Her parents have here a outdoorwinkel. They took her often to be in a canoe on the river to sail. They always had a big life jacket on. This is an incredible drama,” says Lewis told the BBC.

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