Thy had massive attention for stamceldonatie not expected

33cb7cd96d52812bf181f17d7e1fc9dc - Thy had massive attention for stamceldonatie not expected

VVV-Venlo-striker Lennart Thy is very particular that he last weekend in almost all Premier-league-stadiums massively honored. The German was missing in the match against PSV because he’s stem cells donated to a patient who suffers from acute leukemia.

“It is very special that in the eleventh minute, massively, for me, is applauded,” said the 26-year-old Thy, that with number eleven plays, Tuesday at a specially convened press conference in Venlo, the netherlands.

The German did it once in his story about the action that far across the border by the media was arrested.

In the Dutch stadiums, there was also a lot of attention for Thy. So there was Saturday, when PSV-VVV a standing ovation for the attacker and he was after the match and declared man of the match. Also most of the other Eredivisie duels, there was a tribute in the eleventh minute.

“I did not expect that much attention would come for my action”, said Thy, that seven years ago, as a young player at the initiative of his former club Werder Bremen DNA gave for a possible match with a leukemiepatiënt.


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