This is the greatest dream of Glennis Grace

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Glennis Grace hopes are still starting a family. The now 39-year-old singers would love to have a baby, it tells them in Dutch tv-guide Veronica.

Glennis Grace has a big dream

“That is my biggest dream. Actually, I wanted three, but I am happy with second,” says Glennis, who is now only the mother of the ten-year-old Anthony. “If there are more, like. But you should be given, especially at a later age. A child is a miracle. I hang the flag out when it is so.”

Or Glennis also has time for a second child is the question. The singer is working on a breakthrough in America, and is meanwhile in the Netherlands, not silent. So, she plays the role of Maria in the upcoming edition of The Passion and in October two Whitney Houston-tributes in AFAS Live.

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