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Hunan – A 68-year-old man who has more than 25 years, every day a liter of liquor within the tray, has a bizarre skin disease have been developed.

This can be years of alcohol abuse with your body do

Tan from the Chinese province of Hunan, began at the age of thirteen, already with a drink. From forty, went the consumption up a lot. Even before his fiftieth birthday, discovered the Chinese large vetbulten on his torso, writes the site Kankannews.

Years later, he sought out a doctor who advised him to come back as he has difficulty breathing or extreme pain would get.

Only recently he went for a second opinion to another physician. In the Hunan provinciele hospital he got the real diagnosis: symmetrical lipomatosis, also known as the disease of Madelung named after a German surgeon that the deviation of the first lens.

Patients get huge vetuitstulpingen around the neck and shoulders. The rare disease occurs almost only in men of middle age, with a good drankgeschiedenis. Worldwide are but four hundred cases recorded.

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