Theo Maassen has learned from directorial debut

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Theo Maassen is some things differently if he was still in a movie. In his directorial debut Billy, he was still too fixated on text instead of image, says the comedian is in Dutch tv-guide Veronica.

Director Theo Maassen and the Flemish actor Bruno Vanden Broecke (r.) in the Parkstad Theatre in Heerlen in the filming of the movie Billy.

“My brain apparently works like this: I am a linguistic person. Now I know that the text in the installation is not always the most important. That I take note for the next time,” said Theo. The comedy Billy, about a famous ventriloquist, and his popular pop, went in January premiere.

Also in other areas would Theo the now differently. “When, on the first filming, everything was converted to start filming, I knew not where I was”, he gives as an example. “There is a lot of structure and stability on a film set, everyone has their task. I found out that you are just not in the way should walk.”

The lead roles in Billy will be played by the Flemish actor Bruno Vanden Broecke, Ruben van der meer, Christine de Boer and Ellen Parren.

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