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After a period of over two years in which he only three international matches played, Stefan is the Fairly back again in the Dutch national team. Probably stronger than ever, says the defender of Lazio. And perhaps in the form of his life.

Stefan the Free played so far 33 international matches.

“I play good, if I may say so. I can’t remember that I ever in this period of the season already 35 duels I played.”

What if his body him the past few years, not so often in the had abandoned? It was probably not Ryan Babel (46 international matches), but The Free (33 national football team is the most experienced international of Orange, the new coach Ronald Koeman. “I’m there a lot lately, too often not to have been,” acknowledges the 26-year-old defender.

The Free was actually injured when he was on 6 september 2015, with Amber on the failed away game against Turkey (0-3) in the european CHAMPIONSHIPS-qualification began. Just before half-time, it really went no more. “That knee injury took me a year. And then there was also often something like Orange met. A foot injury, and last year again a liesblessure. But now it is fortunately good.”

Coach Ronald Koeman.

So good that Lazio are expiring contract would like to extend. The Free, the negotiations, however, already broken down and will be leaving next summer from Rome. He wants to up and goes to Internazionale, say Italian journalists. “They say so much, but I’m here in Orange and talk only about Orange.”

It seems that the Dutch national team, with five defenders is going to experiment in the coming oefeninterlands against England and European champion in Portugal. In that system grew The Free four years ago in Brazil to be the best defender of the world cup. “And when Lazio soccer we also. So I feel a little at home with that tactic.”

At home he feels at Koeman, the coach under whom he was at Feyenoord all played soccer. And also the coach who gave him the aanvoerdersband deprived because Koeman striker Graziano Pellè more importantly wanted to make. “I know Koeman as a good trainer who is tactically very strong. And, well, with anyone can you ever have a quarrel have,” says Free, who now also has the chance to be one of the three new leaders of the Orange. “Has Virgil van Dijk said that the aanvoerderschap, for him, a dream would be? That is not so weird right? I think that holds true for every footballer. So also for me.”

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