Sunday Farmer Seeks Wife

5db3672c7968934d27d7965b00644230 - Sunday Farmer Seeks Wife

Cupid made his arrows this fall at VTM too far to shoot when five Flemish farmers abroad, look for a wife here in ‘Farmer seeks Wife – Around The World’. Piece for piece, are the adventurers who of Belgium behind him to live and work in very different, often beautiful and evocative locations in all corners of the world. But despite their passion for the craft abroad, is their heart still in Flanders. Actually missing them but one thing: a nice Flemish woman for their happiness to share…
On Sunday 25 march and Sunday 2 april 2018, Flanders knowledge with five farmers in a double startaflevering of ‘Farmer seeks Wife – Around The World’. In the first episode teaches the viewer three farmers know, on the other two is the need to wait until Sunday 2 april. Immediately after the broadcasts, the women can which charmed and whose heart may already be slightly faster beats, an original letter to write to ‘their’ farmer..

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