Steven Spielberg will begin next year in Indiana Jones 5

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Fifth Indiana Jones film is coming. Harrison Ford returns as the famous adventurer. Shia LeBeouf is no longer a place in the cast.

Steven Spielberg has good news in store for fans of Indiana Jones. He has announced in the spring of 2019 to a fifth film about the adventurer to begin with.

The filmmaker has immediately announced that Harrison Ford and his colleagues, the film will include in the United Kingdom.

“It is always worth the travel worth it as I’m in the Uk again to work with the tremendous talent that there is,” he says against Empire. “The actors, the crew, the setbouwers, the electricians, the drivers, everyone that has helped me in making of my films and continue to do so when I return in april 2019 for the fifth Indiana Jones to shoot.”

According to insiders, there is Shia LaBeouf no role to play in the fifth film about Jones. In part four, he played the son of Jones and LaBeouf seemed destined to play the leading role of Ford to take over, but that hope is gone up in smoke.

Evil tongues claimed that the for Ford after the fifth part would be done, but for now, it is none of that. Indiana Jones is not dead in the new movie. Ford saw earlier, his role as Han Solo disappear from the Star Wars series, and the same fate seemed to him to be short-lived as Indiana Jones.

The plot for Indiana Jones 5 is still a mystery. Fans think that the movie is based on the book The Fate of Atlantis, but surely this is unconvincing.

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