Stephen Hawking next to Newton in Westminster Abbey

004683d44c4db4938be2d01068c04f4c - Stephen Hawking next to Newton in Westminster Abbey

LONDON – The ashes of the recently deceased physicist Stephen Hawking will be laid to rest in Westminster Abbey. The remains of the brilliant Brit to come near the grave of fellow scientist Isaac Newton (1643-1727), the man that gravity scientific words brought.

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John Hall, dean of Westminster, will find it not more than logical that Hawking his church as a final resting place: “It is particularly fitting that the remains of professor Stephen Hawking in the church to be buried, in the vicinity of other leading scientists.”

Newton is not the only future neighbor of Hawking, who gained fame in the sciences. Also Charles Darwin, the biologist that the evolution is developed, is buried in Westminster Abbey, just as Joseph John Thomson, the discoverer of the electron.

Science and religion

Westminister Abbey is the most important church of the United Kingdom. British monarchs are christened, crowned and buried, and there are many graves of famous Britons.

Hall is a church a good place for a scientist to be buried: “We believe that it is important that science and religion work together to put together the big questions about the mystery of life and the universe to answer.”

The funeral of Hawking is in a closed circle held. The adding in Westminster Abbey later this year, will be made public. A date isn’t confirmed yet.

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