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Spain wants to be controversial, rugbymatch against Belgian Black Devils replay after controversy over a referee

The Spanish rugbyfederatie (FER) and wants the match against Belgium on the Rugby Europe Championship show replay. The Spanish rugbymannen lost Sunday surprisingly of our Black Devils (18-10), making Romania and not Spain qualified for the world cup rugby in 2019. The duel between Spain and Belgium was led by a Romanian referee.

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Spain had provided a victory in Brussels for the world cup in 2019, but went with 18-10 down. Afterwards, put the Spaniards complaint against the Romanian game administration, who is six penalty to Belgium had granted. By the loss saw Spain still a world cup ticket off your hands slip in favour of Romania.

“The principle of subjectivity is scorned. Obviously there is a conflict. The image of the rugby experience huge damage”, it sounds in a press release. The FER concludes, on the basis of the tv footage that “19 arbitration decisions, to the detriment” of his team.

The Spanish rugby association, the team would be in February, already have asked the Romanian referee Vlad Iordachescu and his two assistants to replace. It was clear that the battle for the world CHAMPIONSHIP ticket between Spain and Romania would go.

An official complaint of the Spaniards was initially rejected, but Rugby Europe will be the topic Friday during a meeting in Poznan still to talk about. World Rugby early on to get more clarity on the European federation Rugby Europe, which promised the tv footage to analyse.

The president of Rugby Europe, Octavian Morariu, incidentally, is also a Romanian.

If the match herspeeld is, that the Black Devils have no consequences. They insured previously with a victory against Germany in all of conservation.

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