’Schoolshooter’ fires at the girl, motive unclear

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MARYLAND – A student Tuesday at a high school about 70 miles southeast of Washington on two school lap, by a security guard shot and in a hospital died.

The teenager opened at the Great Mills High School in Maryland in the morning the fire on a girl. She is in critical condition in a hospital. Also a boy in her neighborhood was hit. His condition is stable, according to local media.

About the motive of the offender is published anything. He would be after the students to have shot suicide want to commit and shot himself in the head. Research should reveal whether he himself or the security guard, the fatal shot discharged.

The shooting comes almost a week after scholierenprotesten across the country against legislation on the possession of firearms in most states are much too lax. The occasion was the massacre of 14 February in Florida, where a nineteen-year-old former student at a high school with a semi-automatic weapon, fourteen students and three adults doodschoot.

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