Sasha and Davy bring spring in the country

4934b082bd5caf7992354777a15925c6 - Sasha and Davy bring spring in the country

Currently they throw high eyes in the Ultratop Albumcharts with their first English-language album ‘In The Jukebox” but we know Sasha & Davy, of course, especially their beautiful Flemish pop songs. On their current Dutch language album, “Live And Laugh” is a song whose title Wednesday, however, quite appropriately, will be… ‘Spring’. Indeed, Wednesday breaks the spring formal, something for which most Belgians already a few months only anxiously look forward. Sasha & Davy made a beautiful song about it, hopefully the sun Wednesday spontaneously of shine! For the lyrics and music signed Davy Gilles, Cliff Vrancken and Mickael Ophoff.

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