Sarkozy detained for illegal campaign funding

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PARIS – Former president Nicolas Sarkozy is at this moment heard about possible illegal financing of its election campaign of 2007 by colonel Kaddafi. From Libya would be a whopping 50 million euros in cash in cases to Paris.

Sarkozy met the former Libyan leader Muammar Kaddafi in 2007 in Paris.

It is the first time that the former head of state is examined in this case, which in april 2013 was opened. That Sarkozy himself Tuesday morning when the police had to report and was held, means that it is possible that there is new evidence in the case. He may be up to 48 hours to be fixed, and can in the end by the investigating judge are considered suspicious.

Glorious campaign

The case revolves around the glorious campaign for the election of 2007, Nicolas Sarkozy won of the socialist Ségolène Royal. The affair came to the reels when the online magazine Mediapart, a document of the Libyan secret service brought out which is said about an agreement between Kaddafi and Sarkozy, which is an amount of 50 million euros would get. About the authenticity of these papers are experts disagree.

Justice has multiple points of reference, but knew the case up to now not clear. The Franco-Lebanese businessman Ziad Takkiedine declared that he is a part of the Kaddafi promised sum of Tripoi to Paris transported. He is officially a suspect in the case.

Claude Guéant, a faithful of Nicolas Sarkozy and reportedly the point of contact for the Libyans in the case, had in 2008 suddenly on a half a million euro in cash. He claimed to own two paintings have sold, but that would be worth much less. He was probably in a complex financial circuit in which money to France was geheveld. The former Libyan premier and Oil minister Choukri Ghanem, who is also money to be transported, died in 2012 under dubious circumstances in Vienna – drowned in the Danube after a heart attack. Kaddafi was in October 2011 shot.


Although mutual settlements in Libyan backgrounds also may play a role in the affair, it is not the first time that there is cheating with Sarkozy’s campagnegeld. His party is suspected of gerotzooi with receipts for the campaign of 2012. Also Sarkozy is in this case officially suspect, but has always claimed to be nothing to know. Previously, he was suspected to have money afgetroggeld in the wealthy L’oréal-heiress Liliane Bettencourt, but the thing blew up justice.

Nicolas Sarkozy

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