Rotterdam’s high-rise apartment buildings to go Lee Towers called

99b728dce964669902c96a26bda787a3 - Rotterdam's high-rise apartment buildings to go Lee Towers called

“You have Trump Towers. We have Lee Towers,” said Arjen Well last year jokingly in his video about president Trump. Such a building we had not then, not now but still. Two former office towers to the Rotterdam Marconiplein, the Lee Towers baptized. The office spaces will be converted to 860 new homes.

Lee Towers

On the Marconiplein in Rotterdam-West worked for many years, hundreds of municipal workers in the towers Europoint II and Europoint III. After the officials were moved to the building The Rotterdam, Kop van Zuid, were the offices empty.

Developers Lee Foolen and Tom Bakers just had one of the two kantoorkolossen bought when Well are video launched. They decided to immediately make a second tower to buy the Lee Towers development.

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