Ringo Starr knighted

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Ex-Beatle Ringo Starr (77) is in Buckingham Palace in London by prince William is knighted. The musician was by his wife and former Bondgirl Barbara Bach accompanied. After the ceremony he made with his fingers in the peace sign. At the end of december, Buckingham Palace, the list published with the names who were eligible for knighthood.

For the former drummer of the iconic band, it is his second award of the royal. In 1965, had queen Elizabeth II on him and the other Beatles to Members of the British Empire appointed. Ringo Starr should now let you speak with “Sir”. His only other living ex-colleague Paul McCartney (75) was already more than 20 years ago in the chivalry elevated. He had long insisted that Richard Starkey – the real name of Ringo Starr – would be knighted.

Ringo Starr commutes between his homes in London, Monaco and Los Angeles. A few months ago, he had his 19th solo album, “Give More Love” completed. McCartney worked on two tracks.

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