Pröpper: ’Weird to be one of the elders.”

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MANCHESTER – Davy Pröpper will he for a 26-year-old to few international matches behind his name, and hopes to harvest in Orange.

Davy Pröpper in a duel with Jesse Lingrad of Manchester United

“I’m not very aware that the counter is only eight, but I hope that a lot more. I want my important role at Brighton trying to translate to the Dutch national team. That I have more urgent needs to be present, I will not so quickly call. But I’ve got my thoughts about and go. We have a new staff, a talented, young group and going to be building hopefully to something good. I want to be. That I was one of the elders, ben, is weird. But that is how it is”, laughs the midfielder.

“The advantage to Orange is now that we want to take the time to get to something beautiful to put down and to ensure that we are there at the next tournament, however. As a group we will grow and I also hope the confidence of this coach.”

The soccer lover knows in each case how the loss of Arjen Robben, Wesley Sneijder and Robin van Persie should be collected. “We have a diverse group, but not the exceptional qualities, which we had. So it will be really a team to be, so we very difficult to beat. The collective the power will be. That we are there at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2020, a time.”

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