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Pro League and amateurvleugels close to agreement on promise teams in national amateurreeksen

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The Pro League is close to a global agreement with Football, Flanders and ACFF, the amateurvleugels of the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association), the integration of the promise teams (U21) of the Belgian professional clubs in the first, second and third national amateurreeksen.

The theme came up Monday to bid the board of directors, but who decided to not to transfer to the general meeting. “There are still some small nuances that Football Flanders and ACFF to us have paid. Only when we are all around the line with each other to agree on the modalities of the competition will be for ratification to the general meeting be sent”, explains Pierre François, CEO of the Pro League. There is no timing agreed, but the professional clubs and the amateurvleugels want the file quickly to complete it.

The new scheme would be starting in 2019-2020 to be met. As already became known, 4 of the 24 beloftenteams of the Pro League can participate in the first amateurklasse. “The first season will be composed of 20 teams, instead of 16,” says François. The other twenty beloftenteams be spread over the second and third class. It is not yet clear how that will happen. The U21 teams are not eligible for promotion and relegation.

Flow better

The measure must be for a better flow of talents, sure, that is a hobbyhorse of Pierre François. To guarantee that there will also be age restrictions imposed on the beloftenteams. The majority of the team must have players under the age of 21 to exist, only a limited number of under 23 is allowed in the selection of the beloftenteams. There will be one spot for an older player. “That may be a player returning after long injuries, but also an experienced football player who the young players under his wing,” says François.

The general meeting of the Pro League decided Monday, over the amount that is paid out to clubs that score best in terms of the flow of (young) players. The top five at the end of this season, may € 1 million from the pot of tv money to distribute, the next season is that 2 million euros. .

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