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POLL. The red Devils play away games in brand new color: are you a fan?

e3f4588310c1772d613f7f39751effb5 - POLL. The red Devils play away games in brand new color: are you a fan?

The Red Devils play at the world cup 2018 in yellow jerseys during away games. Next week during the practice game against Saudi Arabia, they play for the first time in the yellow. The keepersoutfit to 1984, was the inspiration and the color is a premiere, never before played team competitions in the yellow. With the choice for this yellow uitshirt is the Belgian tricolor complete: previously the red thuisshirt and the trainingscollectie with black base color has been launched.

The first match in which the Red Devils the new uitshirt will wear the following week, in the practice game against Saudi Arabia on november 27. During home games to carry the Devils to their red colors.

Inspiration from keeperstenue 80s

The inspiration for the new uitshirt comes from the keeperstenue that during the european CHAMPIONSHIP 1984 in France by Jean-Marie Pfaff was worn. “With this retro-aspect in mind, the graphic on the shirt just for being a progressive touch. Together with the round neck gives the shirt a modern look”, the belgian football association know. The names and numbers on the shirt will be in black to be printed. The bottom also has a black color, with the stripes on the side of the Belgian tricolor complete. The same is true for the yellow stockings, with the black and red stripes of this effect.

New lifestyle-items: polo, track top and ‘ZNE anthem jacket’

In addition to the wedstrijdtenues, presents adidas also a new red polo and track top for the Red Devils, who are between matches by the players will be borne. Both are an extension of the thuistenue with the eye-catching graphic print. In addition, the new ‘ZNE Anthem Jacket’ is presented, which is also red in color, and on the back in yellow with the text ‘BELGIUM’. These items are for fans of very suitable as a lifestyle item to wear. The ZNE Anthem Jacket will be used by the Red Devils for the first time be worn when the field is accessed for the practice game against Saudi Arabia.


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