‘Pogba will He never forgive after humiliation’

b226c59ae6708f05e98038a5829ddabf - 'Pogba will He never forgive after humiliation'

According to Jamie Redknapp has José Mourinho at Manchester United a destructive policy.

José Mourinho and Paul Pogba to discuss along the sidelines.

The former midfielder of Liverpool FC and Tottenham Hotspur, today active as an analyst for Sky Sports, believes that the Portuguese the good name of The Red Devils to grab throws.

“Manchester United is according to many the greatest club in the world. But if you look at the way the club currently play: would you go if you have a creative player? I do not think anyone at this point says: “Yes, that is a team, where I really want to play.” The players exude on the field no fun. I expect, therefore, that the club in the future, in addition to good players is going to intervene.”

Redknapp gives Paul Pogba as an example. The Frenchman came a year and a half back for more than a hundred million euro from Juventus, but has only just managed to convince. Partly due to the approach of Mourinho, thinks the Englishman. “Pogba will never forgive what He has done. That has him publicly humiliated by the to give preference to players like Marouane Fellaini.”

Jamie Redknapp to work as an analyst.


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