Peter Van de Velde from today in at Home

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The cast of HOME today will be enhanced with a new colleague: Peter Van de Velde will be starting tonight Jacques Pieters in the series.

On Tuesday 20 march, Tim and Sam and the viewers at HOME know Jacques Pieters, the swimming teacher of many Years. Joren has been several times that he enjoys his training and this is Jacques, especially for something in between because he sees in many Years with a natural talent. Ever he was himself an immensely talented swimmer. After his glory years, he threw himself on the coach and also taught for many Years know him to be. Jacques believes in his young pupil and wants to ensure that for many Years his talent not his. Self doorzwom Jacques, for some waters. So he lost a few years ago, his wife and nurtures his teenage son, Martin, only. He is known as a driven impressive person, and that is also Tim immediately. Will he for many Years at the top?

Peter Van de Velde as well as established value now at HOME
The role of Jacques, played by Peter Van de Velde, a well-established value in the Flemish theatre-, television – and musicalwereld. Tv-looking Flanders know him as René Kroneborg in Salamander. In addition, he played several roles at the Studio 100 productions. On the stage sparkled Van de Velde in dozens of musicals including Daens, ’14-’18, and Belle and the Beast.

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