‘Oliseh treated players at Fortuna as dogs’

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The leadership of Fortuna Sittard has ruthlessly driven in the direction of the non-active regular trainer Sunday Oliseh.

Sunday Oliseh in one of his last matches as a coach of Fortuna.

According to the lawyer of the Limburg club, that chance of promotion to the Premier league, the former following his departure to chelsea in no way return in Sittard because of physical threats and heavy terror towards his players, the staff and other employees of Fortuna.

In one of the proposed statements show that players felt that “if dogs are to be treated’. Caregiver Marco Lemmens explains Oliseh in the throat to be seized and had the ex-international to plead for him to let loose. “That he did not. I had him again to ask me to let loose,” says Lemmens.

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– Oliseh: ‘Black money circuit in Fortuna

There was in the whole selection an atmosphere of intimidation and threats. Coach Sieb Dijkstra was challenged by Oliseh to go with him to fight, what Dijkstra refused. Fortuna goalkeeper Santos complained to owner Isitan on that day, because Oliseh him in front of the entire team, had been accused of matchfixing.

The lawyer of Fortuna: “There was a total angstcultuur. He scolded the director of football cases Aztopal out for the ‘puta madre’ (son of a bitch), and wished with no one to communicate with. We have tried with a mediator to find a solution, but wanted to Oliseh not to participate. He appeared not.”


On 3 February, Fortuna Oliseh a final warning. He was summoned to his behavior to improve, but incidents continued to pile up. Three employees left the club, among whom Fortuna-icon Tiny Ruys, because they no longer by a single door could be with the trainer.

According to Oliseh were there within the team, no complaints about him, but on behalf of the spelersraad has captain Per Schuurs stated that after the departure of Oliseh, the atmosphere has improved significantly in his club and in the selection.

Big fish

Fortuna regrets the terror by Oliseh, who is also at his previous clubs but briefly trainer. “We took a large fish in and about the performance, we were certainly satisfied. Where the us goes, is that there are structural misconduct took place. There is a disturbed employment relationship.”

Fortuna also proposes that the allegations of Oliseh with regard to black payments incorrectly and determine that an auditor’s report that may prove. The ex-international has no self-reflection, find the People, and they are not going to him the financial commitment.

Oliseh wants to payout of his contract until next year (114.000 euro net) plus bonuses and a ton with promotion to the Premier league, as he would have agreed.

The speeches of the lawyers take hours. All this time Oliseh with a long coat and the collar up shaking his head and he leaves with a facial in each allegation do not notice it to agree with the lawyer of Fortuna.

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