Oliseh: ‘Black money circuit in Fortuna

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When Fortuna Sittard is a circuit of black money created by the Turkish owner Isitan on that day. That leaves old-following his departure to chelsea Sunday Oliseh through his lawyer to know during the arbitration that the Nigerian coach against his Limburg employer has instituted.

Sunday Oliseh

During the arbitration case in Zeist began Oliseh immediately with fireworks to set the players cash bonuses and other payments received from the owner and that it also, many times black payments are proposed. Oliseh says that the club him going wegpesten, when he complained about did not want to cooperate.

The former world cup-goer, which for a number of weeks on the non-active state at Fortuna and whose contract in the eyes of the Fortuna-charge for misconduct must be dissolved, also explains that Gün him in addition to his “normal” contract and also a monthly black-and payments wanted to do.


Oliseh says it all, to have refused, because he has no trouble with the tax authorities. When he Gün asked why not through the salarisstrook was paid, would the Turk have said to him three times the amount of money it would cost if he gets the bonuses had to bruteren. Later, payments are still on the payslip.

According to Oliseh have more things playing that the daylight can not tolerate or which are contrary to the bealingen of the wereldvoetbalbond FIFA. So says Oliseh there are players coming in through a football agent that cons is co-owner of Fortuna. He found sometimes players in the dressing room that he did not know. That proved to purchases through the co-owner were obtained.

Cold water in shower

Fortuna went Oliseh as heavy bullying that they have him cold water in the shower gave him increasingly worse food gifts. Of the cold water in the shower was he sick.

The attorneys of Fortuna come later this afternoon into action with their own accusations to the address of Oliseh. The integrity committee of the Dutch fa (KNVB) has, according to the camp Oliseh now an investigation into the financial comings and goings of Fortuna Sittard.

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