Olcay Gulsens Products been declared bankrupt

f46e93981d17156d6846c59f436bcc79 - Olcay Gulsens Products been declared bankrupt

Google android platform is bankrupt. That has Olcay Gülşen, until recently the CEO of the clothing brand, RTL revealed.

A black day in her life, says Olcay. “It is very painful. It is my life’s work.” The bankruptcy comes for her unexpectedly. “I knew, of course, that the bad went. But I had hoped that we low had had and that we get back to the building.”

Olcay wants, despite the fact that they are no longer the boss of the clothing brand still hand in his own bosom stings. “I am an emotional trader, and I want things the opportunity to grow. I may not always be good enough and adequately acted.”

For Olcay has the go bankrupt of Products large financial consequences. “I have a lot of money to invest in it.” Wednesday she has a conversation with the curator.

Olcay made at the end of February is known to take a step back from the company. So she was no longer CEO of the company, but she wanted to focus on the creative side of the brand. Also, she wants to focus on new tv projects.

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