No Dutch sanctions against Turkey

8805f4f3268f07b44764621437c19079 - No Dutch sanctions against Turkey

THE HAGUE – the Netherlands will not on its own initiative, sanctions against Turkey take place as punishment for the Turkish invasion in the Syrian region of Afrin. Such a eenmansactie would be counterproductive, minister Stef Blok of Foreign Affairs.

Young men in the Syrian-Kurdish town of Afrin, a day after Turkish forces invaded the city.

A Dutch “alleengang” only works to the advantage of Turkey, according to Block. Turkey can be very triumphantly say that no one the Dutch call follows, and that, therefore, as a support to explain. “If other countries do not want to follow, if convicted, will be much sharper instrument of sanctions is certainly not to be followed,” he says.

The minister responded to a call from SP Member of parliament Sadet Karabulut. She points out that the Turks and the Kurds in Afrin have been displaced. The Kurds are nota bene an ally of the west in the fight against the radical islamic. According to her, are the Kurds betrayed and sacrificed.

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