Mother caught with 15-year-old camping-sekstripje

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Gwynedd – A 24-year-old mother who had sex with an underage student is caught when the two were saved had to be during a flood. They had their tent set up near a river in Wales which are outside its banks trad.

Rhiannon Scott.

Rhiannon Scott had to call for help when she and her 15-year-old company is no way more could. Emergency services on the spot were put then questioned the presence of the young boy, who had hidden in the tent.

The woman met the boy via the internet. The two played role playing games, sent explicit photos to each other and shared sexual fantasies before they were together on ’holiday’ went. Scott has known to have sex with a student, and that she actively had approached.

Two years in prison

The court in Mold, Wales, has the woman been sentenced to two years ‘ imprisonment, nor should they as ’sexually delinquent’ ten years on the internet.

The mother of Scott, during her imprisonment for the children. Unknown how old her own children are.

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