Mark Salling drank alcohol before his life ended

83675ea53e9f15da8c63427dc09a35e1 - Mark Salling drank alcohol before his life ended

Mark Salling was under the influence of a small amount of alcohol when he in January to end his life. This is evidenced by the toxicological report that is in the hands of Us Weekly. The Glee actor would be prior to his suicide, and no drugs have used.

Mark Salling

Salling was on January 30, found dead in a riverbed near his home in Los Angeles. He was stitched after he himself had hanged, was found earlier from the death certificate.

The 35-year-old actor struggled with severe depression, after he confessed to child pornography in his possession to have had. During a search were on his computer more than fifty thousand pornographic photos of minors found. He would, after consultation with the ministry of justice have agreed to a term of imprisonment of four to seven years, registration as a sex offender and a omgangsverbod with minors. The verdict of his case was scheduled for march of this year.

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